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his mother was also infected

<p>  There are also targeted reduction measures</p>
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<p>  Five ministries and commissions, including the central bank, the bank insurance regulatory commission and the China securities regulatory commission, have recently issued "opinions on further deepening the financial services of small and micro businesses", and will step up financial support for small and micro businesses. previously, the central bank and the national federation of industry and commerce jointly held private enterprises and small and micro business financial services symposium. All these mean that the service of small and micro businesses needs "several lifting", such as monetary policy, fiscal policy and regulatory policy, to stimulate the initiative of financial institutions and smooth the policy transmission mechanism.</p>
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<p>  Measures such as the targeted reduction of the required reserve ratio have brought abundant market liquidity, but the effect of supporting the financing of small and micro businesses needs to be further released, wang said. One of the key tasks of current regulators is to open up the path of monetary policy transmission and guide the transformation of "broad money" to "broad credit" for private economy and small and micro enterprises. In the short term, regulators may guide the credit flow through </p>

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<p> strengthening the mechanism of linking the performance assessment of financial institutions to the issuance of small and micro credit. With the early policy effect gradually emerging, the central bank is likely to continue to introduce targeted reduction measures to provide positive incentives for financial institutions to continue to increase the credit supply of small and micro businesses.</p>

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Ask a heartbroken song

Such as vanity, time clean, dream of spring and autumn in a desolate curtain moonlight, all crushed down the melancholy brow. Who will be a kind of elegance stream sand sorrowful moment into a cup of red scrolls, deep lock long buried, let the wind blow away the summer months, frets rain destroyed pear, a cup of the in the evening sunset, stumbling in painting in Jiangshan Banbi DR REBORN!
Meet, wake up the dream. Who is the finger passing a cup of drink drunk not long time, wake up. Who made who the world youth, and who in the night in the dying without a trace. A light red crushed in half a cup of moon, and dance, Xiao Zaitan! The moonlight lonely life, only to see the sea change.
Fly Yao Yao, spring rolling down. Who in the moonlight at the piano and Song Qi Xiao, dying, as flashy sad v.. Who made this last year, month like a cold, and green? Who put the clouds, eye wear River, a reed Lanzhou confused? The number of white hair who speckle, the setting sun in the evening, I had to pay? Who is idle to delete a paper from the sky to earth, warm, the world over!
Once the spring to Confidante old, flower falls news two know. Death without words, one who is not old, who made no hard feelings. About midnight rain falling Indus leaves, sound, not long for the blood drip into the red bean, endless spring willow spring full picture floor. Who should the who rob who become the clinging read? DR REBORNThe fall in the sea to the birds, not only because it cannot reach the shore, the shore on the other side, had not seen this life waiting for!
Painting building West Bank, sunset shadow, wind swept gently over the strings. Who rebound the lute, rungra buried month. Ask a heartbroken song, let bosom silence sound. Who will be buried between Yu cinnabar tears, the only occasion with abandon, Lonely rivers crack! How long the hate for a cup of drink, wine in the endless blossom season. Fengwu jiuxiao, who will drink the blood red peach, Nirvana rebirth DR REBORN?
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busy with their career

Each record a diary, are my close paragraph of time perception, or is the feeling. The text is a good thing, when we can not be expressed in words, and it can be used to express feelings, right. As it is, this state of their own words to tell, but the best. Like beating the keyboard while the idea, do not let my head in the empty state. Enjoy the journey Production Diploma.
Some people said that, likes with written records of emotional people are sentimental, is lonely, do not know if there is no truth. I am a quiet woman, then a man is poor words, words become me to express the best way. Each paragraph is not just the outlook on life, tell is a period of emotional, is a soul communication.
The heart often fear that they will be out of line, and the society in the near future, indeed, several years not to go out to work, my circle of life all of a sudden narrowing in the small twenty square around a room inside. Every day in addition to go out to buy food, pick up the kids at school, the other time in this little house. Sometimes really want to find a friend chat, found that everyone is busy, busy with their families, busy with their career, busy with their own future.
This period of time to take care of my shop at home, how to promote the learning every day, learning how to design pictures. Although, Stokke I shop didn't bring me good business, but at least my life was fulfilled, also learned a lot of things. Sometimes I think that boredom is not terrible, the most terrible is, when bored, want to find someone to talk to the truth, but feel that everyone's different life circle, the topic seems to always talk not to go.
A lot of people say, do you like to do things, you worked hard, strive for, and will not regret it. But the reality is really let oneself want to do what they like to do the things they like and reckless? Close paragraph of time, has also had a very contradictory, some things, always want to let go of to do, time and again to be eager for a fight, when the itch for a try, to the final but always a retreat, alas, many times often involuntarily.
Life is a double-edged sword, or joy, event mangement or distress, but no matter how you to think, life is still too......
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the years across a wound

Moonlight as water. The midnight bell was beating her to sleeping soul.

She came to the city to work almost half a year, but has moved four times. Not for anything else, just because the pinch, could not afford to pay the rent, but the boss for salary and pitiful, also from time to time deduction. Life is like climbing the mountain, travel tea mugshe felt very tired, perhaps one day will fall.
In fact, she is very young, twenty-two years old not to. In order to experience the hardships of life, her anger to leave her boyfriend, left the family, gave up beside parents comfortable life, alone came to this city far away from hometown western city wanderer. Thought, she can rely on their learned expertise, here played a piece of heaven and earth, who expected her specialty here is useless, can only follow even worse than her sisters competition ability in the workshop on the production line of resistance.

During the day, she will because of work and forget everything. But one night, she began to feel homesick, reminds me of the parents think be light of heart from care, alone with the boyfriend's arrogant perverse.

This house is her flat-share and another female workers. Female workers after dinner, go out, she didn't go anywhere, quietly leaning in their own bed, read books for a while, soon took out his mobile phone to play. Lonely night, her heart filled with a sour taste from time to time. Remind yourself every day from morning to evening not stop work on the shuttle in the hustle and bustle of large crowds of people, her whole body the blood in boiling, as if filled the entire brain GDV fine wines.

At this point, she reluctantly sitting on the bed, looking at the room overhead small corners at the top of a spider's web, feeling himself into a spider, all day busy life, weaving their own future dream.
Remember how she had come to the city before, her boyfriend had repeatedly urged her not to come, said to go out to work very hard, but would like to convince him to become an officer father, help her find a job as one wishes. Her character is very stubborn, never like to be dominated, for her to create a a cosy nest. She believes that "love to fight in order to win" this sentence. Aftertaste to the mountain for half a year's time, every trace through the years, like it is drawn upon her a wound, even for a personal touch has no chance. The heart want to have a word with who complained, but found to say and is so redundant, so she felt even more confusion and hesitation.

The landlord today again to capture the rent, now she is already impecunious, There is not much left. She believes that she kept working and busy, the landlord has also repeatedly forgiving her payment term. But in the face of the landlord home again notified amount of rent, she appears to be how lonely and helpless. She was thinking, if you can get it in time for the modest belongs to own wages, the landlord will not force her with embarrassment and her little secret exposed in front of people.
People always come down in the world like a wounded bird is poor, and people sometimes want to say a few more words have a lift head feeling, as if on pins.

Out the window the moon, through the broken glass the shine in her thin face, she sometimes felt a thrill, and sometimes can not be calm. People will have so many helpless why at a young age? It is not hard enough or did not embark on a better way? She was thinking. When troubles come, everything looks bleak, uneasy. Regardless of social or play with friends, when the difficulties in front of us, will be to a certain reason disappeared or avoid meeting. Then, she heard the words of the film star Liu Xiaoqing said: life is difficult, more difficult to do a woman, do a successful career woman even difficult!

The hardships of life, forging a more tempered her will, her mind and perseverance. In fact, no matter who you are, just came to this world, it means life to constantly struggle and pursuit. She sometimes depressed, but the pressure of life church much of her to be happy to face life. Despite her bones flowing blood would not yield to difficulties to her distress, but her struggle for life never stop, even if she is desperate to also want to smile to life.

Since childhood by the parents spoil her, Burgundy wine often go out in the outside, all hope there is parental love and care. But hope is not reality. The cruel reality, although brought her a lot of loneliness and pain, but she thinks, or so, at least in their own way of life, add several meaning landscape!

With the deepening of the passing years gradually and experience step by step, her inner world became quiet, introverted, calm and composure, looking at the whole house at sixes and sevens stacking goods, she is no longer a big temper, but calm pondering life don't come easy.

She knew that the complex mood everyone has emotions, have a strong desire for a better life. In pursuit of this life, she gave up many good things, or say that something has been lost, will never get back, but she didn't regret. She felt that she grew up day by day, day by day mature. When difficulties and setbacks again, she was no longer afraid of life is cruel, no longer afraid of poverty and gossip to bring her harm. When a love to lose, she will not persuade to stay hard, perhaps she could keep the original the innocent and the memories of yesterday.

Everything will be the past. Her own comfort that, because she felt that she was grown up!
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